3 Ways to Change Up Your Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is commonly ranked as one of America’s top holidays, and it’s no surprise. From great food to quality time with family and friends, there is a lot to look forward to! And having a day set aside for taking stock of all that we have to be thankful for has to be good for the soul.

With all the joy that Thanksgiving can bring, there are stressors in the mix, too. With so many Americans crossing the country to visit family for that one key day, Thanksgiving is a notoriously hectic (and expensive) time to fly. The continued COVID risk going into the 2021 holiday season makes this year a natural time to rethink your traditions. With so much uncertainty, you'll want travel plans with flexibility!

Even pre-COVID, many people were opting for time spent outside for Thanksgiving. There’s something about being in nature that makes gratitude that much easier! 

Interested in keeping the best of the holiday and leaving the travel stress behind? Here are 3 ways to change your holiday tradition with Cabana.

Don't pass up a great mountain view! (Photo Credit: @pauldenisenko)

1. Forget about flights, enjoy the journey!

If visiting friends or family for a traditional thanksgiving feast is your priority, make the journey count! Instead of handing over a pretty penny for Thanksgiving flights, take a road trip to your hometown. 

Tack on a few vacation days to explore along your route, whether it be quiet national parks, the last of the fall foliage, or classic road trip gems like giant rubber band balls. 

2. Gather at a campground

Instead of congregating in someone’s home, take your Thanksgiving to go! Encourage your usual Thanksgiving crew to go camping. Forgo the Thanksgiving kitchen mayhem by keeping things simple and cooking outdoors. It’s hard not to feel thankful when you’re sitting around a campfire with people you love!

If late November seems a little cold for camping, we have good news: Cabana has a heater and hot water. Plus, add a kitchen to your van to take the hassle out of outdoor cooking.

3 Stovetop Thanksgiving Recipes for Cooking on the Road

Food just tastes better out here (Photo Credit: @monascherie)

Unplug on your own

If you aren't working over the holiday but aren’t planning to gather, take advantage of the time off by getting out on your own! Before the busy holiday season, take some time to yourself. Exploring on your own is a great way to recenter and really feel gratitude.

Looking to explore somewhere new? Use Cabana Concierge to have a personalized itinerary created just for you. Bringing along your furry friend? We’ll make sure your itinerary is 100% dog-friendly!

Great company and a great view (Photo Credit: @morganphillips)

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