4 Things to Look for in Your Campervan Rental

With the right campervan, travel comes at its absolute best: fewer logistics, fewer hiccups, more discovery, more adventure. It’s all your needs taken care of and then some, down to your own trailhead bathroom, on-wheels restaurant, and a private door that opens up right to the wilderness. 

With the wrong campervan, travel’s a little less stress-free. There are countless pit stops, too-full campgrounds, campsite requirements, hidden fees, the list goes on. When you’re on the market for your campervan rental, here are a few things to look for, so you can get the right campervan—and get straight to exploring. 

You’ll want your own personal bathroom.

While doing your business in the woods can be a badge of honor, life is much easier in the wilderness with your own personal bathroom and shower. Even if bathrooms are technically accessible, having your own means you can skip questionable campground latrines or unnecessary gas-station pit stops that slow down your itinerary. (And, let’s be honest—with your own shower at the ready, you don’t have to bring the smell of the great outdoors into bed every night!)

And then there’s the logistics of it all: You’ll want a campervan with sizable tanks so there’s less worry about stops for emptying, too. With Cabana, your gray water tank can go 4-5 days without emptying, which means more time off-grid and simpler campground departures. And, of course, your adventure van will come stocked with toilet paper, towels, hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner to keep you not-so-roughing it in your new home on wheels.

Cabana's hot shower and toilet (no set up needed!)

You’ll want space to play chef.

No more hangry hiking, no more cold cans of soup, no more gas station burritos. The right campervan doubles as a mobile restaurant, making it simple to cook and enjoy five-star meals—with incredible vistas surrounding your kitchen table. 

With Cabana’s full kitchen set-up, go beyond granola bars and PB&J. Think chocolate chip pancakes or breakfast burritos for that sunrise hike or vegetarian orzo for lunch—heck, you could even make it a holiday and bust out Thanksgiving dinner. You’ll want to plan out your meals in advance so you can stock up your fridge, but your kitchen already comes with a pot and a pan, spatula, cooking spoon, cutlery sets, plates, bowls, and coffee. 

Of course, you can always swing by that colorful taco stand or drop by that winery for a tasting. But when you want to cook your own meals, save money, simplify your itinerary, and spend more time outdoors, with Cabana, you can.

You’ll want to know your budget upfront.

We all know the feeling—looking at a lodging’s price excitedly, only to click through and find that it doubles with hidden fees. Or renting an RV and finding it costs more just to drive it out of state. Uh, no thank you!

With Cabana, there are 0—zero!—hidden fees. That means no resort fees, no cleaning fees, and unlimited mileage to go wherever you want at the drop of a hat. We’ll even tack on free trip-planning if you want it. Speaking of…

Unlimited mileage and complementary trip planning help take you to beautiful spots like Alabama Hills.

You’ll want your own personal travel planner, too.

Securing your RV rental always feels good, but then you realize you need to map out your route, find open campsites with hookups (that meet length requirements), and plan your tank-emptying and pit stops on top of mapping out the fun stuff. Yikes. Who’s got the time and energy for all that?

That’s why we’ll do it for you. Use Cabana’s customizable Trip Planning before you even book your rental, and our travel planners will map out a unique-to-you itinerary and recommend campsites in all your dream destinations. 15 days from Washington to Utah?  Road-tripping the West Coast? A week in LA and beyond? Start dreaming—and we’ll start planning.

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