6 Sustainable Road Trip Tips

Travel blogger Jeanine Romo shared her tips for road tripping with the planet in mind.

Ready for your road trip? But you value sustainable and responsible tourism and want to make sure you’re doing your part? Planning a sustainable trip is easier than you think, you just have to put a little effort into the process and be mindful. Here are six tips to have a successful sustainable road trip!


Pack Light

Packing lighter and more efficiently is a great way to reduce weight on your vehicle which in turn reduces your carbon footprint. Pack what you need and remember that your Cabana has essentials like soap, towels, toiletries, and more already inside! This cuts down the dreaded “did I forget my …” question, keeps your luggage lighter, and helps the planet.


Jeanine and her travel buddy stopping for scenery

Plan Your Route

Take the time to plan out your route to avoid any unnecessary backtracking. Not only is this time efficient, it’ll also save you money on gas. Make a list of all your stops and map them to see what the best route is. Google Maps makes it easy to add multiple destinations to your route so you can get a good visual on what your driving day will look like. Or, add Trip Planning to your Cabana booking and a guide will map out the best route for you.


When making stops for gas, food, etc, consider places that are a one-stop-shop. You can also consider parking in one spot and walking to your various stops if they’re within walking distance.


Pack your Own Utensils, Plates, and Cups

Say no to plastic utensils that will end up in the landfill. Your Cabana comes with two Miir mugs, two bamboo cutlery sets, two bamboo plates, and two bamboo bowls. And with an indoor and outdoor sink, it’s easy to wash, rinse, and reuse! 


Also consider a large (one gallon or more) vessel to hold drinking water. This makes it easy to refill at RV and campsites or a water filling station in town. And of course, pack a reusable water bottle that can be used in your Cabana, while hiking, and everywhere in between.


Turn Your Engine Off 

Whether you’re catching a scenic view or taking a break to stretch your legs, turning off the ignition is the better way to go. Idling produces more emissions which we want to avoid when possible. 


While this might come as a surprise, newer vehicles with modern electric fuel injection technology work better when they’re not idling. So do yourself (and your gas tank) a favor and turn the key to the off position. 

Central California road trip views

Shop Local 

Whether it’s stopping at the local farmers’ market for some produce for your next meal, eating at a mom and pop restaurant, or picking up a souvenir from the local boutique, shopping local helps in so many ways. Not only are you helping the local economy, but you’re buying from places that probably get a lot of their product locally. 


Farmers’ market produce is often from farms within the area or region, and the same can go for the local restaurants. And for restaurants and boutiques that do have products shipped, they’re likely not shipping in massive amounts like a big-box retailer.


Leave No Trace

You’re probably going to be visiting a lot of beautiful outdoor spots in your Cabana and if you’re a nature lover you might already be familiar with Leave No Trace. LNT are seven principles designed to preserve the outdoors and enjoy nature responsibly. These principles help ensure that you’re leaving this earth a beautiful place for generations to come.


You can read more about how you can Leave No Trace with your Cabana here.


Ready for your sustainable road trip adventure? Check Cabana availability here. Looking for more road trip tips? Follow Jeanine on Instagram @leweildexplorer.

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