It’s finally time for a trip to Canada! Vaccinated Americans will be able to cross the border starting in mid-August. Whether you’re hitting the road for a late summer adventure or looking forward to getting back to Whistler for the 2021-2022 ski season, here’s everything you need to know to take a Cabana into Canada.

Jasper National Park (Photo Credit: Pavel Brodsky)

Pack your papers

In addition to your passport and a valid driver's license (or just a WA Enhanced Drivers License) you’ll need the following:

  • Vaccine card: Make sure to double check guidelines before your trip, as regulations are still constantly changing
  • Rental agreement: Contact to let them know you’re heading to Canada, and our team will email you the required rental agreement
  • Vehicle registration: The vehicle registration will already be in your Cabana. No extra work needed here!

Save time for customs

It’s always wise to allow extra time for crossing the border, especially with new processes in place. If you’re taking a ferry, plan on arriving at least an hour before your departure. If you’re driving, you may be in line for an hour at the border. Plan for customs to take a while, and then the worst case scenario is that you have some extra time at your destination!

Canadian dream destinations

When you return to the US, keep your Cabana return time in mind. No one wants to end a relaxing week away by stressing in border traffic early in the morning. Consider spending the last day of your trip in Washington. That way, you can spend your drive time reminiscing about your week, not checking the traffic report.

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Stay Up to Date

As of July 16, 2021, this is all that will be required for vaccinated Americans to travel to Canada starting mid-August. New information, new COVID variants, and rising vaccine rates all play a factor in travel restrictions and reopening. 

Make sure to double check current restrictions before starting your trip, and always respect the rules wherever you’re visiting.

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