Everything You Need to Know for Your Extended Stay

This fall and winter, Cabana is more than your hotel on wheels –– it’s your home on wheels. For a limited time only, book here with the promo code EXTENDED for $1,000 off your 21-30 day trip October - March.

A month on the road is the perfect opportunity to escape winter weather, test drive full-time vanlife, or travel without worry during what is looking like another winter of uncertain travel restrictions.

Here’s everything you need to know about making Cabana your home away from home.

What’s the deal?

Cabana’s extended stay rate grants you $1,000 off of bookings that are 21-30 days long, and includes additional items that help take a Cabana from a hotel to a home. The promo code EXTENDED is valid on trips that take place from October through March. 

Home cooked meals on the road (Photo Credit: @monascherie)

What’s included?

Your extended stay includes these add-ons:

  • Slideout kitchen
  • Camp chairs
  • Tire chains

Add the 21+ day add-on to your booking to claim these complimentary additions.

Based on previous guest feedback and our team’s personal packing lists, we’ve added items that will help keep your Cabana cozy and clean:

  • String lights
  • Door mat
  • 2 Miir wine tumblers
  • Bottle opener

Not sure where to go next, or looking for a little local knowledge? Your Extended Stay Concierge will reach out before your trip and will be available each week of your stay to help with everything from locating campsites to recommending restaurants on your route.

Bonneville Salt Flats (Photo Credit: @PiexeliciousPlanet)

Where can I go?

With unlimited mileage, the continental US is yours to explore! You can ski all of North America’s best mountains, get some sun in the Southwest, or safely visit friends and family across the country. 

Have a destination in mind and wondering about stops along the way? Curious about our top recommendations for hiking, hot springs, or cross country skiing? Your Concierge can provide all the guidance you need before your trip.

One of the most exciting parts of an extended stay is the freedom to explore. With a three day trip, you’ll probably find yourself with a jam packed itinerary. With a 30 day trip, you have more of a chance to see where the winding road goes, and you have the flexibility to stay anywhere you start to feel at home. To help with this spontaneity, extended stay guests get additional support from Concierge. Your trip planner will be available throughout your stay to help you re-route around new discoveries. Please note that your Concierge trip planner is separate from customer support. Allow one business day for Concierge inquiries.

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Can I work remotely from the Cabana?

Yes! Cabana comes with cellular WiFi, which means there is WiFi wherever there is T-Mobile cellular service.

You’ll find that most national parks and forests lack cell service –– views uninterrupted by cell towers come with a price! If you plan on working full-time while you travel, you can get an idea of an area’s coverage with this signal checker. If you have a day full of meetings, a backup option like a nearby café or a campsite with WiFi is a good way to ease cell coverage concerns.

Working on the road

What should I pack for a month-long trip?

With a queen size bed, a shower, a toilet, cellular WiFi, and a heater, you’ll quickly feel right at home in your Cabana. 

Here are a few items we recommend adding to quickly increase your Cabana’s coziness:

  • A winter blanket: Your Cabana comes with linens and a blanket and the cabin is heated, but for sitting by a campfire or additional comfort, pack an extra blanket or two.
  • Board games or card games: Spending time without cell service or WiFi is a great opportunity to get back to basic quality-time activities. Bring your favorite small board game or card game for nights spent inside.
  • A good book: Downtime might be a rare occasion in your regular life, but it’s a beautiful part of living on the road. Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read, or check out our reading lists for inspiration.
  • Flashlight/lamp: The sun is starting to set earlier and rise later! This is great for late risers to catch a sunrise view, but it does mean extra hours of darkness. String lights are provided with your extended stay, but bring something portable so you can head out stargazing or make it back to your home base after sunset.

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Cozy van days (Photo Credit: @PaulDenisenko)

How do I book?

To lock down your home away from home, head to Cabana’s booking site, select your dates, and use the code EXTENDED for $1,000 off. See you on the road!

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