Group Trip Tips from Cabana Trip Planners

When you take a group trip with Cabana, you can enjoy nights together around a campfire, skiing with the whole crew, and plenty of quality time in nature with friends or family. But if some folks want to make a sunrise hike happen and some want to stay in their warm beds, your individual vehicles make it easy to keep everyone happy. And with Cabana Trip Planning, you can leave the “Where do you want to go?” “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” behind. 

Speaking of Trip Planning, we recently sent our trip planners out on our most popular route through the Olympic Peninsula, and we have their group trip tips to share.

Cabana's travel team cooking up breakfast at Hurricane Ridge (Photo Credit: @kelseybum)

1. Do your part in packing

If the minimalist lifestyle doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s okay! Your Cabana comes stocked with essentials like toiletries, coffee, linens, and towels. When it comes to the extra items to make your stay more you, plan with your travel companions to avoid doubling up –– and to make sure you don’t assume someone else is bringing something you deem essential.

If you’re wanting to build a fire, you probably only need one person to bring a fire starter. If you’re packing a bottle of wine, make sure someone’s packed a bottle opener. When it comes to groceries, coordinating is key. It’s so much easier to justify a full grocery run when you’re cooking for more than two.

Cabana Pro Tip: To communicate between Cabanas, pack walkie talkies! 

2. Agree on the essentials (and leave the rest to your trip planner)

One of the hardest parts about traveling with a group can be deciding on what to do. You’ve probably already agreed on the big things like a final destination or a primary activity, but the details like where to stop along the way, what trail to snowshoe, or where to eat can get tedious. If you like a little adventure, leave the details up to your trip planner!

Maybe you know you want to drive down the Oregon Coast, and you’ve all decided you want to go whale watching. Let your Cabana trip planner know, and they’ll fill in the gaps with things like brewery tours and lighthouse views. Maybe you’re planning a ski trip to Whistler but aren’t sure where to stop to break up the drive. Provide that final destination to your trip planner and they’ll put together a route with your desired amount of driving per day. 

If you know that you and your family or friends have trouble deciding on plans, Cabana Trip Planning is a great way to outsource that struggle so all of you can focus on enjoying the journey.

The travel team in Olympic National Park, their most requested destination (Photo credit: @kelseybum)

3. Bring snacks (and lots of them)

More people along for the adventure means more appetites, and these don’t always align. The secret to enjoying a spontaneous journey is making sure no one goes hungry. To ensure happy hikers, pleasant driving days, and no long detours out to restaurants you don’t really care to dine in, pack ample snacks.

4. Enjoy the freedom of flexibility

Quality time in nature is the goal, but the opportunity to take off and enjoy your own activities makes it even better. With Cabana, you have the ability to go off on your own adventures and reconvene at your convenience -- so take advantage of it!

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