Highway 1 is Reopening, and We’re Offering One-Way Trips to Celebrate

Could there be any better news going into summer road trip season than the reopening of one of the most iconic road trip routes in the country? When we heard that Highway 1 will be reopening two months early, we knew we had to celebrate! 

The highway is set to reopen on April 23rd, and we’ll help you hit the road right away in May. Head up the coast without worrying about detours or dreading the long drive back by booking a one-way trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco in the month of May!

Over the past three months, the “road closed” sign covering Highway 1 on Google Maps has been taunting our trip planning team. When a storm triggered a mudslide and wiped out part of the highway in January, it was hard to know how long the major repairs would take. Besides travelers losing the chance to enjoy the scenic drive, the collapsed highway has been a major obstacle for residents and business owners in the Big Sur area and all along the coast. The road opening two months early means two more months of amazing weather for coastal hikes, whale watching, and capturing epic photos of some of the most amazing topography in the continental US.

There are so many must-see spots along Highway 1, and there are even more hidden gems to discover. Book your one-way trip and our trip planning team will help you plan for the can’t-miss experiences and save you time for spontaneous stops on the way.

If you’re feeling the coast calling, don’t wait!

Scenic stops await on Highway 1 (Photo Credit: Marissa and Phil)

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