How to Add Romance to Your Road Trip

A vibrant sunset, a sky full of stars, a quiet morning alone with your loved one… with all of these scenes readily available, we think road trips are ripe with romantic potential. Whether you and your significant other need a spontaneous stress-reliever or a special socially distanced celebration, a luxury van could be the solution. 

Spending quality time just the two of you is a great way to discover new things about your partner, and getting out of your daily routine can help reignite your love. Cabana is honored to be a part of special moments such as socially distanced honeymoons, and we want to help you make these moments as memorable as possible! If you’re in need of some one-on-one time with your partner, these tips will easily add romance to your road trip.

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Before you go…

1. Picture the possibilities

If you’re planning the trip together, going over what you’re both most looking forward to is a great way to get excited about the trip –– and to make sure you don’t miss anything important. If you’re surprising your significant other, focus on their favorite things. Would they love hardcore hiking or a day of brewery tours? Plan one or two special, specific excursions and your significant other will see the effort.

2. Leave room for last-minute additions

The beauty of traveling without worrying about hotel bookings is that there’s lots of flexibility. Plan to your comfort level, but keep in mind that sticking to a tight schedule can easily add stress on the road. Be open to pulling over for a sign boasting the state’s best ice cream or changing your hiking itinerary based on a local’s recommendation. These last minute moves are often some of the most memorable.

3. Don’t forget the details

What do the two of you need for a smooth trip? What can you sneak in to show you were thinking of your significant other? If you can surprise your partner with their favorite snack the second they say they’re starving, that’s a win. If your loved one always steals your sweatshirt, think about packing a backup. Come equipped with a playlist of all the songs you two love. On a trip that calls for minimalist living, it’s the little things that really stand out.

On the road… 

1. Learn about your loved one

When you have hours on the road to fill, you have a great opportunity to really get to know your partner in new ways. Road trip games can be silly or sexy, and they can spark new topics or ideas. A trivia app, Would You Rather, or even just a list of questions you may never have thought to ask can lead to hours of conversation and many new discoveries. (Try this list of road trip questions for couples.)

2. Focus on food

There are two parts to this crucial step. First, keep snacks on hand –– especially if you know that you or your partner has a tendency to get hangry! Nothing is worse than trying to find a restaurant in an unfamiliar area when you’re already starving. Avoid any hunger-induced arguments by packing something filling for those moments. With that worry out of the picture, you’ll be able to really enjoy the restaurant scene wherever you go. You can do a little research before reaching your destination, or stay spontaneous. Pick a restaurant with a romantic view or a hole-in-the-wall with local ingredients to make your meal the most memorable. 

3. Slow down for the scenery

If you’re an adventurous couple, you might be packing your schedule with all kinds of activities. It’s worth taking some time to enjoy the beauty of nature. When you’re ready to slow down, find a view you can enjoy from your bed! Park with your landscape in mind, and you can cozy up to enjoy a blissful scene, or wake up and stay snuggled while you watch the sun rise. 

It’s often said that taking a trip with someone is the best way to get to know them, so be open to learning new things about your partner and experiencing new things together. With an open mind and some mindful planning, it’s easy to make something special. Romance is waiting for you on the road!

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