Inside a Cabana Elopement

The Contest

When we saw how many couples were using Cabana for elopements, honeymoons, and anniversaries, we were inspired. In a time when every celebration had to be creative and careful, we were happy to be a safe and exciting option for romance. That’s what led us to our adventure elopement packages –– and our first giveaway contest. 

Our Concierge team planned a week’s itinerary down the West Coast and booked 6 nights of campsites along the way. Mo Davis, one of Harper’s Bazaar’s top wedding photographers, was on board to capture the moments. Local Seattle florist, Juniper Flowers, knew just what we needed to make the Cabana fit the occasion. Point No Point Studio, a Washington-based ethical jeweler, was ready to provide wedding bands for the winning couple. With this group of wedding experts committed to creating a one-of-a-kind wedding, we couldn’t wait to get started.

elopement bouquet
Bouquet by Juniper Flowers
ethical wedding bands washington
Wedding bands by Point No Point Studio

In April, we opened up applications for couples whose wedding plans had been disrupted by COVID-19 to enter for a chance to win the ultimate elopement trip down the West Coast. We asked applicants to tell us about themselves and their wedding plans, and we received over 500 submissions with inspiring stories about love and commitment. Choosing a winning couple from so many stories was no small task for our panel.

The Winners

At the end of April, the giveaway winners were chosen: Edurne and Theodore! With Edurne’s family in Mexico and much of Theo’s family in Greece, gathering for a wedding would have been a logistical challenge even in pre-COVID times. Once the borders closed, a large gathering was off the table for the foreseeable future. Edurne and Theo decided that this setback was actually an opportunity to do something for just the two of them to celebrate their love.

elopement giveaway winners
Introducing Edurne and Theodore
elope on the beach
Edurne and Theo knew a West Coast road trip was perfect for them

In their 8 years together, exploring new places and being together in nature have been some of Edurne and Theo’s favorite ways to spend their time. When they saw the opportunity to tie the knot with a West Coast road trip, they knew it was perfect for them. The pair had experience traveling in an RV, but they had never done something like this just the two of them. They loved the idea of having their special moment somewhere beautiful, and ending it with a week spent alone in a tiny home on wheels. 

Once Edurne and Theo were selected as the winners, it was time to finalize the plans. Although the elopement required much less planning than a traditional wedding, everyone involved wanted to make sure it was just right for the winning couple. Edurne and Theo picked out a dress and suit, Jean Louise at Juniper Flowers crafted a bouquet to perfectly complement the look, Elyse at Point No Point walked them through ring options, and Cabana’s concierge team made sure everything from the photo locations to the honeymoon route fit Edurne and Theo’s wedding vision.

When asked how she pictured her wedding, Edurne said she never was someone who had her whole wedding planned. What she wanted was something in nature; she imagined pictures of them running in the woods.

PNW forest elopement
Edurne's dream wedding

The Elopement

Soon enough, the big day arrived. On June 14th, Edurne and Theo picked up the van they would be calling home for the next 7 days and met photographer Mo Davis, her wedding planning partner Michelle Norwood, and the Cabana team. The group drove about an hour out of Seattle to the first photo spot: a pure PNW backdrop with mountains, trees, a lake, and a little rain.

Washington elopement spot
A perfect PNW backdrop

A popular wedding superstition is that rain on your wedding day means the marriage will last. Whether true or false, we’d say being able to laugh together no matter the weather is a pretty good sign.

vanlife elopement
Escaping the rain
groom elopement outfit
Theo ready for the big day
elopement wedding dress
Edurne elopement-ready
elopement bouquet
It's all about the details (Juniper Flowers)
van elopement
The couple and their Cabana
Washington adventure elopement
A Washington wedding
Washington elopement rain
Happy together (rain or shine)
rainy elopement
Rain on the wedding day
PNW elopement spot
A classic PNW backdrop

When it became clear the rain was going to last a while, the group drove a half hour away to a forest, where the heavy ceiling of trees would provide some protection. Once parked, Edurne was able to touch up her hair and makeup before entering the forest.

vanlife elopement
Getting ready in the Cabana

As they followed the trail, Mo paused the pair in the most beautiful spots to capture the moment. (Edurne received plenty of praise from other hikers for taking on the trail in her heels.) 

On a hidden trail that Mo discovered, Edurne was able to realize her wedding vision of running through the woods, and the pair popped champagne to celebrate the magical day.

forest elopement PNW
Down the aisle
Elope near Seattle
Not a bad spot for a wedding!
hiking elopement
The adventure elopement essentials
unique elopement photo
A little too much celebrating!
elopement memories
Mo Davis always captures the little moments

As evening set in, the rain let up! The clouds through the mountains made an enchanting and very Washington photo backdrop.

Washington elopement
Washington lake views
adventure elopement washington
Some wedding day wandering

With night falling, Edurne and Theo took their Cabana to the campsite, a private site about 15 minutes from this popular Seattle hiking trail. Reflecting on the trip, the couple said they wouldn’t have thought a little land in a grassy field could be so magical, but somehow it was.

Washington honeymoon spot
Quiet campsite views
Washington elopement camping
A quiet night by the water

The Oregon Coast

When you think of the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest, the mountains and forest might come to mind, but the Oregon Coast can’t be ignored. It was difficult to decide which backdrop would be best, so we figured we’d do both!

Oregon elopement spots
Views on the Oregon coast

On Tuesday, two Cabanas made their way to the Oregon Coast: one with the newlyweds and one with Mo and Michelle to continue capturing the adventure. The group drove along the coast, stopping at all the most scenic spots. When reflecting on the trip, Edurne and Theo had a tough time choosing a favorite part, but eventually they both agreed that the photoshoot on the Oregon Coast took the cake. Edurne explained that it was so meaningful to have a day dedicated to them, where the plan was pretty much, “Go hug and kiss your partner and we’ll capture it.” 

adventure elopement trip
Your wedding adventure awaits!
Oregon coast honeymoon
Exploring together
Oregon honeymoon van trip
Loving the Oregon coast
honeymoon van trip
Oregon coast romance

At the beach Edurne and Theo had the opportunity to exchange vows. The couple said that having the rings and bouquet really tied everything together –– just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you have to get rid of every tradition!

Oregon elopement
The "ceremony"
Oregon elopement spots
Ceremony ready
vanlife elopement
Exchanging rings
Oregon beach wedding
A perfect moment
Elope Oregon coast
The big kiss
Unique elopement photos
Time to celebrate!
Washington local wedding vendors
The details

After stopping at some of Oregon’s best beaches, the couple ended the day at a private campsite with an awe-inspiring ocean view, a spot they named as their favorite campsite from the trip.

Oregon elopement
The happy couple
Romantic view oregon
Sunset on the Oregon coast

The Honeymoon

The next morning, Edurne and Theo went off on their own down the coast. One of their favorite things about the road trip was how easy it was to just get up and go. On Thursday, they said they woke up and were on the road within a minute.

They continued to drive along the coast, explored the Redwoods and Fort Bragg in California, visited Davis, and met up with friends in Joshua Tree before reaching Los Angeles. They said that on long driving days, they were already starting to reminisce about the places they had seen so far. 

They described the trip as a “partner retreat,” and thought spending quality time with just the two of them was the perfect way to honeymoon.

Honeymoon road trip
"Partner retreat"
Honeymoon road trip
Honeymoon road trip

Advice for Eloping

When asked what advice they would give to anyone thinking about eloping, the answer was simple: “Absolutely go for it.”

Edurne and Theo hope to celebrate this life event with their friends and family in the future, but said going the non-traditional route for the ceremony was perfect for them. They thought something like this made it much easier to focus on each other. They pointed out that you can always have a party later on, but for an adventure-loving couple, spending a day (or a week on the road) together is the ideal way to celebrate your love.

honeymoon road trip
Quality time

Thinking about eloping? We’re here to help! Check out our new Adventure Elopement Packages.

PNW elopement
A wedding day dedicated to just them

Thank you again to Mo Davis, Juniper Flowers, and Point No Point Studio for joining us in creating this magical journey!

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