New Year, New Location, New Features

A woman in front of her Cabana van on a bright sunny day, by the water.

Today we’re excited to open summer bookings in our newest location, Los Angeles, and roll out new features that will make the experience of traveling with Cabana even better. We’re talking customization, convenience, and the chance to book our first one-way West Coast road trips.

The new enhanced offerings include concierge services to provide personalized trip planning assistance for customers; delivery of the Cabana vans to make starting your trip even more convenient; early check-in and late check-out to provide more flexibility in your travel plans; and one-way rental options for travelers with itineraries that don’t accommodate a two-way trip. 

Read more below on each new feature to find out where they’re currently available and how they work. 

Where will Cabana take you? (Photo Credit: @seattleinsiders)


Want help planning your next Cabana adventure? Cabana is now offering concierge, a service to provide trip planning assistance to make the Cabana experience as seamless as possible. We know that Vanlife is new to many Cabana customers, and we pride ourselves on making the van lifestyle easy for everyone. We don’t want details like finding campsites or not knowing what to cook to stop you from experiencing everything life on the road has to offer. Whether you know your destination but need some help getting there, or you want all the details decided for you, Concierge is here to help. 

To try this new feature, select ‘Concierge’ as an add-on in the booking process and receive a detailed, customized itinerary before your trip. Concierge is free(!!!) for a limited time while we pilot the new service. So book now to lock in your personal trip planner!


Enjoy your Cabana experience without having to drive to and from your pick-up location. Cabana is now offering delivery in Seattle to make starting your trip even more convenient. 

How does it work? If you are within the City of Seattle, book your Cabana van from our Ballard location to see the delivery option in the add-on section. Click delivery and we’ll show up on the day of your trip with your Cabana ready to roll!


Early Check-in/ Late Check-out

Want to fit in one last hike before returning to reality? Want an early start out of city traffic? Just want even more flexibility with your travel plans? Cabana is now offering early check-in and late check-out for guests who want to extend their trip by a few hours in both Seattle and LA. We know that our traditional hotel-style check-in and check-out times aren’t a one-size fits all for trips, so for an additional fee, you can now request an early check-in and late check-out to hit the road faster and longer. 


One-Way Trips

For the traveler who just wants to drive and never look back, Cabana is now piloting one-way trips. Whether you’ve been waiting for the chance to try every West Coast surf spot, have Highway 1 on your bucket list, or have been wishing you could hit every mountain from Mt. Baker to Big Bear, a Seattle to LA road trip is the whole package. 

At this time, trips must be booked from Seattle to LA. Pair it with concierge, and we can build out the West Coast road trip of your dreams! Stay tuned for updates on availability for other pick-up and drop-off locations. 

Hit the road! (Photo Credit: @seattleinsiders)

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