The LA Times Features Cabana as a Five-Star Hotel on Wheels

LA Times Travel Reporter Rosemary McClure was curious about van travel, an increasingly popular way to vacation and live, so she hopped in a Cabana and followed Cabana guests, Jeri Palumbo and Erik Zobler, to a coastal campsite in Ventura.

Van life was a growing trend before the pandemic, but concerns around air travel and a need for time outdoors in the past year and a half led to enormous interest in renting vans and purchasing customized vans. 

Jeri and Erik saw renting a Cabana as a luxurious alternative to pitching a tent, according to Rosemary:

“‘The Cabana van was 100% better than the SUV tent-camping experiment,’ Jeri said. ‘That tent was a pain in the neck to set up.’ The couple also complimented the cushy bed, mini-kitchen and TV. ‘We slept great,’ Zobler said.” 

Rosemary describes their evening by the ocean as an ideal vacation scene, with pods of dolphins swimming below them and a delicious seafood meal to enjoy as the sun sets. “I was happy to be here instead of a hotel,” Rosemary writes. 

Cabana founder, Scott Kubly, shared his vision with Rosemary: “The way I would describe it is van life meets car sharing meets a boutique hotel.”

If you’re curious about the growing popularity of van living or want to hear more about a travel reporter’s experience with Cabana, read Rosemary’s Cabana feature here.

Header photo by Daniel A. Anderson - LA Times

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