The LA Times Features Cabana as a Pet-Friendly Travel Choice

LA Times Digital Editor Jessica Martinez took her golden doodle, Millie, along on vacation. Would she do it again? Absolutely. Jessica shared her tips for a pet-friendly road trip, from researching to setting expectations.

Here's her first tip:

Do your research to find the camper van company that works for you.

We used Cabana, which I had first heard about in a Times article earlier this year. It allows pets (for a fee). And the big sell? It had unlimited mileage. That was important to us because we knew we’d drive far (we clocked close to 2,500 miles), and we found most other companies only allow for a set number of miles per day and then charge per mile after that.

Here is another tip she shared:

Look into dog-friendly spots near your destination or destinations.

Our plan was to make this a national park tour, but national parks aren’t overly dog friendly. (They’re allowed but access varies. We found Black Canyon National Park was very welcoming.) This meant tracking down dog parks or state parks, which typically allow dogs, nearby.

If you're preparing for a road trip with your furry friend and want to read the rest of Jessica's tips, read her article here.

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