The Perks of Traveling with Cabana Versus Other Campervans

There are a lot of companies dabbling in the campervan space these days, and we know it—which means you have options, and we know that, too. Looking into renting a campervan for the first time can feel overwhelming, but we make first time van travel easy. In fact, 70% of Cabana travelers have never rented a campervan or RV before. Here’s how we make sure they feel confident exploring with Cabana.

To stay a cut above the rest, we work hard to say “what you see is what you get.” There are no secret fees, no extra charges for insurance, no charging for miles, and no wondering what your vanlife rental will look like—unlike a marketplace, we’ve got our own fleet of standardized campervans, designed specifically for renting, that come freshly stocked and ready to roll. 

Beyond the transparency, we hope that “what you get” is that dream trip you’ve been fantasizing about. And no trip is a dream trip unless it’s as comfortable and stress-free as can be, right? You shouldn’t have to spend time figuring out where to go or how things work, so we make it easy. To make that possible, we’ve upped the ante—travel with Cabana, and here are just some of the perks that’ll level up your next road trip.

Amenities like a toilet and shower make road tripping easy

Plain and simple, our vans come with more amenities.

If you use a site that rents out RVs from private owners, you never really know what you’re going to get. And if you rent straight from the dealership, you’ll get all the basics and nothing more. Both those situations are fine, but we want our Cabana guests to feel confident and taken care of — to rough it only when the “roughing it” comes on purpose. 

Check out what every Cabana van offers across the board: a queen memory foam mattress, a shower and toilet, 24" TV, extra storage, cellular WiFi device, USB ports and power outlets, safe, shampoo/conditioner/shower gel, towels, hangers, electric kettle, dishware, coffee mugs (and Caffe Vita coffee!), cutlery, cooking oil and seasonings, even tire chains if you feel like conquering Yosemite or Grand Teton in winter. That’s not even close to all the amenities offered, either—here’s the full list.

We’re your travel planner, too.

Wherever you take your Cabana—from California’s Mammoth Lakes to North Cascades National Park to British Columbia—you’re probably venturing off into the unknown, which is totally awesome and a little bit scary. It can also be a bit stressful, researching open campgrounds, trip-planning to find the can’t-miss spots, timing the navigation in between, and dealing with the spontaneity of the open road.

Why not let us worry about all that? Talk to our trip planning team, book your adventure van, and we’ll get to planning you, dare we say it, the road trip of a #vanlifetime. We’ll book the campsites, and we’ll get you activity and route recommendations. It’s 100% complimentary; consider it a thank you for choosing us. 

While on the road, if you have any non-emergency questions, just call or text us from 6:30 am - 10:00 pm, 7 days a week.

Find epic camping views with our road trip planning service

We’re all about convenience.

We’ve tried to think of everything to streamline the vanlife rental experience and to make RVing totally unintimidating. From the moment you find our website to the moment you drop off your rental, everything should be doable at the click of a button. (If there’s something we’ve missed, let us know!)

The Cabana process starts with booking on our website—no hidden fees, no extra insurance, no mileage restraints, no leaving Fido at home. You’ll then pick up your adventure van contact-free via our app and hit the open road, ideally using the itinerary our team whipped up for you. The adventures from there are up to you, but you should be set with full storage tanks, fresh linens, soaps, even coffee and a few cooking spices.

Upon your return, simply collect your belongings, fill up the gas tank, drop ‘er off via the app, and you’re good to go. Hopefully your travels were stress-free, leaving more time to sink into those fantastic landscapes, chase grand adventures, and connect with those around you—and maybe even connect with yourself.

Have questions about traveling with Cabana? Reach us at or (206) 222-2621.

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