What’s new at Cabana? Summer 2021 Recap

Has this summer flown by for anyone else?! It feels like we’ve turned the corner towards fall faster than ever before. Since securing our Series A funding at the end of June, the Cabana team has spent the last two months moving full speed ahead toward our next goals. 

Here’s a bit about what’s new at Cabana now.

New Partners and Products

We’re continuing to create experiences tailored to your travel needs, whether it's reducing your packing list by providing items for your pet, or reducing your planning time by providing recipes to fit your preferences.

Cabana Dog Kit
Chows Barkley with the Cabana dog kit (Photo Credit: @kelseybum)

Make your Cabana trip even more comfortable for you and your furry friend by adding Cabana’s new Dog Kit. The kit includes a padded dog mat, pop-up travel dog bowls, compostable poop bags, and a tennis ball for fun on the road. Keep the bowls, bags, and ball for your pup’s next adventure!

JUST X Cabana
Plant-based cooking on the road with JUST (Photo Credit: @kelseybum)

Adventure begins with breakfast! We’ve partnered with JUST Egg to bring you plant-based recipes perfect for road tripping. Check out our recipes, and add a kitchen to your next Cabana booking to try them out yourself!

New Amenities

We’re always looking to make the Cabana experience more enjoyable and more sustainable. When you start your next Cabana trip, you’ll notice these changes:

Open Water
Start your trip with Open Water (Photo Credit: @kelseybum)

We’re excited to be prepping your fridge pre-trip with Open Water. This female-owned company is the first certified Climate Neutral bottled water company in the world; their aluminum-made bottles are infinitely recyclable! Your next Cabana trip will start with 2 sparkling and 2 still bottles of water. 

Caffe Vita coffee

Making coffee in a Cabana just got easier (and more sustainable). We ditched plastic k-cups for Caffe Vita’s Steeped Single-Serve Coffee Bags. Every Steeped Coffee Bag is nitro-sealed for freshness within packaging that's made using compostable and renewable materials, making every cup guilt-free and eco-friendly. Each rental comes with four single-serve bags. 

New coffee, meet new kettle (Photo Credit: @kelseybum)
Hot water kettle

Changing the coffee means changing the vessel. Now, you can heat water easily for coffee, tea, oatmeal, hot toddies and more using a low-wattage electric kettle. Each Cabana is equipped with an electric kettle that is stored under the sink. Plug it in, heat it up, and enjoy hot drinks on the road.  

New Faces and Fresh Ideas

Our small team has grown rapidly (and we’re still hiring)! Here’s a quick list of who we’ve added:

We’ve grown our customer support team to speed up our response time and get guests the help they need. We’ve built out our hardware team, and they’ve been hard at work on van improvements big and small. We’ve added folks to our Concierge team who bring even more local knowledge to the table. We’ve added engineers, maintenance managers, a field marketing intern, a head of finance –– you get the idea. We’ve really grown! Check out our careers page for all upcoming hires.

Even More Celebrations

Love has been in the air this summer! From our elopement giveaway winners tying the knot to guest proposals on the road to our very own Lead Design Engineer getting married and taking a Cabana honeymoon trip, we’ve loved being a part of all these special moments this summer.

Lead Design Engineer Patrick & Hannah on their adventure honeymoon

In the midst of wedding planning? Our elopement packages are available now! 

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