Why Cabana is a better option than RV travel

The Great American Road Trip was supposed to be a 2021 thing—as the pandemic waned, so would the allure of hitting the open road. Instead, outdoor recreation is still at an all-time high. As a nation, we’re finally learning how much we need connection to the outdoors and to unplug from the grind.

But with millions more Americans hitting RV dealerships and campgrounds for the first time, that epic road trip got a little harder to come by: RV prices skyrocketed some 40%, frontcountry campgrounds now fill up months in advance, and the RV learning curve? Even steeper with the crowds.

With Cabana, none of that’s an issue—and the Great American Road Trip is easier than ever. Here’s why.

From start to finish, it’s so convenient.

At first glance, an RV rental can sound like the way to go—absolute freedom, right? But then there’s the research on what’s available near you, which model to pick, learning how to operate and drive it, buying the right gear, and, of course, researching trip planning, mapping gas stations, and coordinating return.

With Cabana, everything’s taken care of for you, down to your campsite reservation. Our vans drive like tall SUVs—so you already have the skills—plus it fits into most regular parking spaces and even tent campsites. (This totally opens up your campground options!) That means no rerouting to avoid overpasses, no checking with campgrounds on size restrictions, no getting six miles to the gallon. 

Beyond size, operation is simpler, too—black water, fresh water, gray water, and climate control can be managed from one easy-to-use panel, and there’s no messing with RV hookups. You’ll even pick up and drop off your rental van with an app, contact-free.

Campervan campsite view of lake in Oregon
Campervan views

You’ll get to make the most of your time.

RVers certainly have more freedom than their cubicle cousins, but road-tripping in a traditional RV comes with some serious strings attached. They’re usually plug-and-play, meaning you need RV hookups for fresh water, electricity, and access to a sewer. Without that, you’ll need your RV tricked out with solar panels, large storage tanks, and plenty of spare fuel to last more than 1-2 days.

Cabana’s adventure vans don’t require RV hookups, and they’re able to go off-grid for 4-5 days. The black water tank stores up to 12 gallons; the gray water stores up to 43 (that means bathroom use for up to five days without emptying). That seriously opens up your dry camping or boondocking options, meaning you can go truly, madly, deeply off-grid—or simply take longer, more non-stop adventures.

The amenities are top-notch (and Instagram-ready).

Unless you’re splurging on that $60,000 luxury RV rental, odds are your RV digs will come with a fair amount of early-2000s chain hotel vibes. And while we love wacky-patterned couches as much as the next person, that motif doesn’t exactly scream “dream trip.”

With Cabana, we’ve made sure this can be your dream trip, with a long list of amenities complete with a touch of style and class. This is just what we consider the basics: shower, toilet, complete kitchen, queen bed, safe, a 24” TV with streaming, USB ports, cellular WiFi device, coffee, towels, soap, and shampoo/conditioner/shower gel. Rub a dub dub.

We take care of the trip planning, too.

Who has time to meticulously plan a PNW/California/national parks road trip? Well, we do. Add Trip Planning to your booking, and let us take care of the trip-planning details: once booked, we’ll reach out to talk travel ideas, hook you up with a full itinerary and campsite reservations, and even offer you support along the way, should any issues come up.

(And it’s all complimentary.)

Grand Canyon RV road trip with dogs
Dog-friendly road trips here we come!

Intimidation factor = 0.

Renting an RV tends to leave you a bit on your own, which can be intimidating for those new to the community. That’s why we’ve tried to eliminate all barriers of entry, from using easy-to-drive campervans to online how-to videos to reliable customer service and roadside assistance. There’s product layout consistency across the entire fleet—so you know exactly what you’re getting—which includes a center console with complete details on your van and what it needs. You’ll never be in the dark about anything, unless you count those sparkly night skies.

And we hope that means more peace of mind in more moments of wow. At Cabana, that’s what it’s all about.

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